Environmental Values

Topics: Decision making, Feminism, Decision theory Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: August 3, 2008
Environmental Values
University of Phoenix
Environmental Issues and Ethics SCI/362
April 21, 2008

Environmental Values
Finding an answer to the growing problem of the degeneration of the forests, ecosystems and environments can be looked at in three different approaches: ecofeminism, pluralism or pragmatism. Whether ecofeminism, pluralism, or pragmatism offer the correct path to reaching the resolution to environmental degradation, therein lays an answer; however, how does society reach the resolution? Ecofeminism can be first traced back to the 1970s as the Chipko Movement, or female activism, was first on display (Joseph R. Desjardins, 2006). Ecofeminism approached ecological crisis through a more feminine, nature-related, and subjective resolution. The ecofeminist view stems from the oppression of women through the years; male domination over females, social hierarchy and bureaucratic government contribution to the gender biased and dominated societies. Through liberal, Marxist, social and radical feminism ecofeminists strive to achieve equal and moral treatment of women and through the equal treatment of women, a better relationship with nature and ecological stability. While ecofeminism tends to support the equality of women and men, philosophers believe that in order for women to become equal they will need to become more masculine; by women being masculine, women will lose the connection they have with nature and therefore not be naturalistic in union. Through the pluralistic approach to ecological stability, individuals hope to obtain balance through community based conservation. A simultaneous division of development and preservation will lead to a successful and stable environment. Pluralism believes that humans are part of nature and should not be separated, but should be a part of the decisions. Pluralism takes multiple approaches to a specific issue instead of a monistic approach. Diversity plays a key role with the...
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