Environmental, Sustainability and Social Responsibility

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Environmental, Sustainability and Social Responsibility|
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Adidas vs. Nike

Environmental, sustainability and social responsibility reports are always created for vast amounts of companies around the world. Adidas and Nike are huge competitors in the sports manufacturing industry. Adidas is the second largest manufacturer of sporting equipment and clothing in the world behind the American company known as Nike. Adidas’ global headquarters is located in Herzogenaurach, Germany while Nike’s headquarters is located in Beaverton, Oregon. Adidas was first founded in the year 1948 and Nike was first founded in 1964. These two companies are well known both here in America as well as in Europe. Although both companies have environmental, sustainability and social responsibility reports, the contents of the reports will vary as would any reports from different companies. Since no two companies will report the same ideas, the reporting guidelines and the role of accountants are critical and must be taken into account when creating these reports.

When examining the websites for Nike and Adidas, it was relatively easy to navigate to the social responsibility reports and strategies pages for both of the companies. If one goes to the home page of either company, the social responsibility, sustainability and environmental reporting documents can be accessed by clicking on the “about us” link. . Within these pages one can find reports on anything that the company produces from the current year or even previous years that people can look back on. A main reason that explains why the information may be easy to obtain is most likely because these are the two top companies in the sports manufacturing industry and they want to make sure their reports are clear, concise, and maintain the creditability of the company. Along with that, it is known in the business world that Europe is more eco-friendly compared to the United States. American companies are trying to become better with the environment but this initiative has not advanced as far in the United States as it has in Europe. Overall, both Nike and Adidas have the same amount of information available to users in their annual reports; it is just the information within the reports that differs for each company. Since these are the top two sports manufacturing companies in the world, it is hard to separate them and say one is better than the other when it comes to reporting certain ideas.

Adidas seems to really push environmental, sustainability and social responsibility because of the amount of information the company allows users to read up on as well as all their plans for the future when it comes to helping the environment. Both companies have long reports well over one hundred pages. This does not mean that it is all good information, but when reading through it all the ideas of both companies are very informative. Nike did not have any huge future plans that were really pushed in the report about any of the three topics. However, Adidas discusses its “Environmental Strategy 2015,” which aims to improve sustainability across every part of the Group’s value chain, from innovation and product design via development and manufacturing operations to the stores themselves (Adidas Report). It t seems that Adidas, the European company, has more to offer to the public than Nike does, although Nike does have a lot of information about these topics as well. In the report for Adidas, the company explains all of the plans for the future in very deep detail and does not shy away from anything. Although Adidas seems to be more responsible on paper, that does mean that Nike is not responsible or that Adidas actually goes through with such programs completely. Neither of these companies currently has a bad reputation that it is trying to cover up with better social...
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