Environmental Sustainability

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Michael Bloomberg Pages: 4 (1393 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Environmental Sustainability
The environment is really something we should start worrying about more than war or making more and more money. We are changing our world, “The old ideas-particularly that warfare was a kind of natural extension of statecraft-had survived a great deal of scaling up. But the explosion of the first nuclear weapon clearly made us reconsider the idea of war” (McKibben 500) This is because the nuclear weapons we had created a weapon that could not only kill millions of people but leave the soil poisoned with radioactivity, leave a nuclear winter behind, and even send society back to the Stone Age. Now we could affect the natural world in a massive and significant way, unlike before when our actions had little effect on the environment around us. This sparked the idea that our actions do have a long lasting effect on the environment; the idea had been around since the mid-nineteenth century, Diplomat George Perkins Marsh helped spread these thoughts, one of his ideas was that cutting down whole woodlands was changing hydrological cycles. (McKibben 500) Rachel Carson was among the first in the mid-twentieth century to suggest that our effects could be felt across the whole of creation, which took a real shine off the idea of technical progress for most Americans. (McKibben 501) In recent years we have started to change how we understand nature, mostly because we see the effects of the climate change we have helped cause. The environmentalist movement has even changed to the global warming movement, because that’s where money and politics are concentrated. (McKibben 501) The biggest problem the environmentalist is facing is the fact that they are not just trying to change the ways cars emit exhaust or saving national parks from being cut down, but they are trying to decarbonize the entire country, to remove the fossil fuel base on which our society runs, and to change it all in a matter of years. It is simply impossible if done by a small...
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