Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies

By | May 2010
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Joseph Barrett
Environmental Studies KGA2
Environmental Societies Comparisons
The land, which we live in, is it truly appreciated. While our ancestors prayed over it to the Gods thankful for the five elements of life, our generation continues to commit harmful atrocities. The hundreds of cultures that reside on this great planet we call earth, only a handful is treating their land with the care of our ancestors. While Gaviotas is praised for the good things being produced for their land to flourish, Africa on the other hand is in dire need of an environmental make over. With this being said, an understanding of these two lands will be compared and contrast in further discussions throughout this paper. Failed Society (Africa)

Africa is suffering from many environmental tribulations including deforestation, desertification, and the loss of soil fertility, degradation and fragmentation, a remarkable decline of biodiversity, air pollution, and water pollution. These problems delay Africa from making progress with regard to economic development. Because these issues are not fully understood, many Africans have been overdue in solving the problems. Deforestation is “the clearing and destruction of forests to harvest wood for utilization, clear land for agricultural uses, and make way for expanding settlement frontiers” (DeBlij, Murphy, & Fouberg, 2007). According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, wooded land was altered into agricultural land at increasing rates from 1981 to 1990. These changes made up twenty-five percent of the changes in forest cover during this time. Given the massive loss of forest in recent years, African governments are trying to address the problem. The Nigerian government is planting trees and preserving vegetation that is natural to the area. Three hundred million acres have already been restored from land that was severely tarnished in previous years. In Niger, surveyors found...

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