Environmental Sociology Service Learning

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  • Published : March 28, 2014
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Final Paper
The service learning project was actually a really fun experience building the Cobb shed that was made up of all natural materials. I actually got to build the Cobb shed on a Sunday it was very sunny outside. Another significant thing that about building the Cobb Shed is that, I had the opportunity to do it with two of my best friends. These two individuals are Rodney and Chris Clark both of these men live with and over the past four years I’ve built I relationship with them and two of my other roommates that I wouldn’t replace for anything. ’ The reason why we built the Cobb shed was to give the kids from Dennis to store their tools for their garden right behind the Alumni building. We organized by separating the grain from the rocks by placing the sand the filter-like-gate removing the sand and grain and leaving the rocks on top of the console. After we separated those materials we added in some sand and merged the sediment materials together. Then we added water to the two materials, this forced the sediment materials to bond. After the water was added to the mixed up sediment you were forced to take your shoes and socks off. As you stomped on the muddy sediment with some added water and forced merging through the pressure of feet and water. Simultaneous to doing all of this you are adding hay to your muddy claylike Cobb. You look at the substance that you created and you have clay like material then you fold your tarp over “taco style” twice. You should know start seeing your claylike material now turn into a Pod like piece a clay. So you roll up your sleeves and break off pieces of the Cobb then slamming against the tarp. After repeating that procedure about 6 to 8 times depending on size of the Cobb pod you created. Next you go drag your Cobb pieces that you created to in the vicinity of the Cobb shed. Next, you form an assembly line and one by one you pack Cobb onto the Shed. Then you implement glass bottles in the mist of putting...
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