Environmental Science Worksheet

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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University of Phoenix MaterialValeria Horne
Environmental Science Worksheet

Answer the following questions in at least 100 words. The answers are found in Ch. 1–4 of Environmental Science.

1.What would you include in a brief summary on the history of the environmental movement? Back in the 1900s, the environment was not thought of as a big issue. Between 1960 and 1962, several major environmental events occurred and changed the mind of many. These environmental events consist of oil spills and publicized threats of extinction of many species. The environment then became a very popular subject. Many people began to understand the importance of what the environment does for them to be able to survive. Today, taking care of the environments problems are serious. The environment was ranked among the most important social and political issues throughout the world by the people through public polls. Now, there are many organizations for taking care of the environment such as recycling, using solar powered panels instead of electricity and gas, and using plastic instead of paper, to save the trees; which are valuable assets needed for oxygen.

2.Explain the main point concerning exponential growth and whether it is good or bad. Compare exponential growth to a logistic growth curve and explain how these might apply to human population growth. What promotes exponential growth? What constrains population growth? There are many problems concerning exponential growth. Recognizing exponential growth is very important because things may become difficult and almost impossible to stop. The main point concerning exponential growth is having an expanding population and not enough resources. This is very bad for the people and the environment.

3.Compare predictions for human population growth in developed countries versus developing countries. Why is it difficult to predict the growth of Earth’s human population? Why should population growth be...
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