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Topics: Water pollution, Drinking water, Tap water Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Laboratory Report - TDS
Drinking Water Quality Report – Tap Water and Bottled Water

Since the human body is consisted of 60% or more of water, it is very important for everyone to pay more attention about the water quality. Water is extremely necessary for all living organisms. People all over the world rely upon water in almost everything in their lives. For example, we use water for drinking, washing, cooking, to grow our plants, and so far. Water is important for us so that we can function and think better, it’s good for our immune system, to get energy, and to strengthen our muscles. We need to have the best water quality, meaning that we all need healthy clean water.

According to the research I did, the definition of water quality is: “it is a term used to describe the biological, chemical, and physical characteristics of water and its general composition.” Scientists weight the characteristics of the water to figure out whether its quality is good or not. Water quality is so valuable, that’s why there were many researchers and experiments that were made by experts to test the water quality. It is so important for everyone to be sure about the quality of the water they are using to avoid diseases, sicknesses, death, and to be safe. Moreover, scientists agreed that for people to be protected from polluted water there is a certain number of total dissolved solids that the water should not exceed. “A limit of 500 mg/l (milligrams per liter) has been established as part of the Secondary Drinking Water Standards”. Drinking from water with a TDS higher than 500 mg/l may cause severe harm to one’s health. Hypothesis Statement:

Sharjah taped water has a TDS above than 500 mg/l.
The first thing I did was that I run the tap water of my kitchen from where I live, Sharjah, for a minute. Then I filled a bottle of water from that tap. Then I emptied it and refill it again. After that I took it to class and took a labeled beaker with...
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