Environmental Science

Topics: Earth, Learning, Education Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: September 24, 2011
Environmental Science
My future plan in getting an education is to obtain a college degree in Environmental Science and then get a good job in helping to educate others about our planet and all the benefits that could come from being mindful and nurturing to our planet. If given the opportunity to move forward I would attend college and learn how to take better care of the earth and in doing so could result in a greater future in my career. While learning I would try to form a business of my own that would eventually branch out and hopefully grow so many people would spread the ideas of taking a holistic and hands on approach to caring for our planet and we would learn to be creative in how we conduct ourselves. We could potentially build a great economy and healthier atmosphere if we took what we learned at school and applied to our everyday living. Then, I would use all of my abilities to help to create a stream of consciousness that would change people’s fears and help them to realize the incredible potential that we have if we would work together to protect the earth and all of its vast resources instead of sapping them without any return .I feel the earth is our greatest gift and should be treated and nurtured in the same manner that a mother nurtures her own child and by doing so it would give us excellent potential for generations to come.
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