Environmental Science

Topics: Pollution, Environmentalism, Natural environment Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Environmental Pollution
Jessica Noriega
May 19, 2013
University of Phoenix

Environmental Pollution

What is pollution? Pollution is the introduction of a contaminant into the environment. This is mainly caused by human actions but as well can be caused by natural disasters. Pollution is something that has been affecting our environment for hundreds of years now and continues to do more harm than good. Where does pollution come from? There are many different things that produce pollution into our environment. I have found that there are three main types of pollution they are as followed, land pollution, air pollution and water pollution. Out of all the research that I have done and been doing over the past few weeks I have learned a lot more information than expected. Land pollution comes from several different sources such as Chemical and nuclear plants, industrial factories, oil, humans, mining, littering and so much more. The major thing that affects the environment more than any of the sources listed above is humans. Unfortunately this is the biggest issue that our environment is faced with on a daily basic. The human population contributes to over 60% of the pollution within the environment. Although humans are the biggest contributor to pollution, humans are the only ones that can make a difference. With the help of many humans we can start making a difference within the environment. With humans taking the time to understand and know what needs to be done they can start making a differenc.
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