Environmental Science

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The rabbit bandicoot also known as the Biliby is endangered, and has been for eight years. It has been vulnerable to the environment for three years. They are endangered because feral cats and other larger animals hunt them. Also, there is competition between other animals for food. Another reason why they are endangered is because of land clearing and livestock grazing habits the grasslands are disappearing, which is where the Bilibies live. It is important to save these animals because they used to be a very important source of food for native people before they became endangered around the year 1950. Now the Biliby has become a symbol of Australia’s efforts to save its native species. Biliby’s are small they are about 9 to 10 inches long. Females are smaller than the males. Males usually weigh about two to five and a half pounds. Females weigh about one to two and a half pounds. They have soft blue-gray fur on their backs and they have white bellies. There used to be two different kinds of bilibies the lesser biliby and the greater biliby, but the lesser biliby is now extinct. They can be found in Queensland, Northern Territory, and some parts of Australia. They are nocturnal and are omnivores. Female bilibies have up two babies and they live in the pouch for up to three months. Bilbies like to eat insects, larvae, earthworms, bulbs, and any kind of seeds they do not drink water because they get all the moisture they need from the foods they eat. Bilibi animals like to dig burrows. They live in burrows during the day for protection from predators and the hot climate. They like to live alone. They can smell and hear very well which helps when they are trying to get food. Bilbies mate year round, but usually only one in ten babies survive to maturity because of things like predators, diseases, and other factors. Bilbies are the most fast producing marsupials. Their gestation period is small usually about twelve days. They mate with many different bilibies....
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