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Audience Analysis Paper
Yvette M. Barker
October 3, 2011
Tony Mahmeister

Audience Analysis Paper
As a manager, quarterly meetings are imperative in order to keep every manager as well as employee, aware of how the company is doing productively as well as financially. In these meetings each manager is called upon to address the District Manager, Regional Manager, Store Managers as well as all AT&T Stakeholders for the west coast market the presentation is to address both internal and external channels of business. Managers inside the company as well as stakeholders outside the company are in attendance of quarterly meetings. One of the topics discussed is year over year numbers as well as month over month numbers. Store managers are required to present a presentation of the stores current standings financially, how much foot traffic they receive, how many new accounts are activated, upgraded, optional features tacked on accounts as well as an action plan to increase opportunities. When addressing the panel of managers I prepare a power point presentation with all of my stores financial information as well as my action plan and profit per opportunity. When addressing the managers, the characteristics I have to consider is, what this meeting is going to accomplish, how to address the individual interests of each manager and give each individual the information I assume they will appreciate and anticipate to see pay forward. Each manager is looking to see what I have prepared to share. In the retail world, everyone’s paycheck is at stake. Therefore, everyone wants to know how you are going to secure yours as well as everyone else’s. The channels of communication for a meeting such as this are considered face to face. The presentation is given in front of all the managers while you stand and go through each topic of discussion. While giving the presentation another communication channel used is electronic. The presentation I prepare is power...
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