Environmental Scan

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Early childhood education Pages: 4 (1185 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Environmental Scan Paper

Environmental Scan
Environmental scan in reference to businesses and strategic planning includes terms that will persuade the directions and objectives of a business. Environmental scanning also involves the significance of the future and present issues that may have an effect on the business itself, since a business is planning for future and not just the present condition of the company. Environmental scanning is the monitoring and evaluation of a business exterior and interior to notice any signs of current opportunities are coercions. With strategic planning, an environmental scan can provide a business with knowledge of the inside and outside environmental issues that will involve accomplishing the long term objectives of the business. The Learning Care Group Corporation and Bright Horizons Corporation both serves as models for key competitors in the early childhood education field business and strives to be different than other leading competitors producing the same type of service or educational experience for children and families. For instance, an environmental scan may predict that within five years, the amount of children enrolled between the ages of 6 weeks-5 years will rise from 20% to 30%. This type of information is essential so that both companies can predict what type of new goods and services to provide to families and children enrolled in their programs. The question to consider is to whether to bring in more educational programs to benefit more children in different ages? Or to bring in programs just aimed for a specific age group? The environmental scan helps the companies to review all these factors before making a decision. The reputation of both corporations, need to widen and keep a competitive advantage that will give way to their good deeds. The principle of growing a competitive advantage measurement principle will need to be put in place to develop efficient strategic planning...
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