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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Unit 8: Environmental Regulations

BU224 Microeconomics


There are a number of reasons why Environmental Regulations are imperative to the future of our world as a whole. The current state of the world is in a very fragile state based on the fact there are so many concerns involving natural resources and the alarming rate of depletion of these resources. The unfortunate risk that is being encountered by groups who are in favor of protecting these resources is that the money made by international businesses is too great an obstacle to overcome at times. This si when Environmental Regulations need to be enforced by such groups and agencies such as The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) speaks about important conservation programs like world health, food and climate protection. These are just some of the environmental protection areas that the UNE lobby’s for regulation over in order to provide a safer and healthier world. The areas of concentration for this group are mainly third world nations such as Africa and nations similar in poverty and lack of natural resources in order for people to survive. The future survival of our world not only depends on organizations like UNEP but also ensures there are watchful eyes kept on businesses that would likely profit from stripping lands that no one seemingly cared about in order to provided resources for their company. The UNEP group is very powerful and has quite a bit of information on how to not only protect resources but to provide alternative resources through programs like food storage and protection for underdeveloped countries with little means available to simply feed their own people. In instances like these it is very easy to see where large corporations could have a monopoly over such resources as water, food and medicine. UNEP is also very powerful when it comes to controlling the environmental regulations of air pollutants. A good example of this is the Stockholm Convention...
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