Environmental Proposal

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Baderman Island Resort
The Baderman Island Resort is a luxury style resort whom depends on its elite location, all-inclusive accommodations, and cultural attractions to catch the attention of its guests. Boardman Management Group is responsible for the operations of three hotels, several restaurants, two gift shops, a golf pro shop, and a spa. Baderman Island Resort attracts events such as company retreats, conventions, expositions, and family or couple vacations; which happen to be the key of growth for the resort. To assure the attraction and maintain revenue, the resort in combination with its staff must be able to provide a luxurious environment for its recreational guests and a world-class environment for its business clientele. This paper will present recommendations to improve the environment at Baderman Island Resort. Creating Alliance

Baderman Island knows that their internal and external stakeholders; their employees and their guests, are the most valuable people for keeping their business a success. There are always ways to improve a business and they understand that. So the first strategy recommended for Baderman Island would be to reduce workplace stressors. Role stressors, workload, work-family conflict, job insecurity, and organizational constraints are a few workplace stressors. Some specific stressors for Baderman Island employees could be that they feel overwhelmed since there is so much future development being planned, as well as never having a quiet calm workplace since tourists are always visiting. There are ways to reduce stressors though. “Organizational efforts to reduce the impact of job-related stressors generally take one of five forms: (1) stress management training, (2) reduction of stressors, (3) alternative work schedules and telecommuting, (4) family-friendly benefits, and (5) health and fitness programs” (Jex, 2008, p. x). Having a stress management program would be very helpful for Baderman Island employees, so they can be educated in the nature of stress and its effects. Since this is a resort destination, the company could offer family-friendly benefits by offering a weekend where employees and their families are invited to enjoy the island and its amenities together at no cost. Health and fitness programs are another reducer of stressors, so Baderman Island could offer the golf course and spa at discounted rates to their employees. Offering the Hot Stone Massage for $50 rather than $115 could definitely benefit the employees. A second strategy recommended to Baderman Island to create alliances between the company and their employees and customers would be to motivate employees with different types of goals. The goals would have to do with the customers. For example, Baderman Island could start sending out surveys when people depart from the island asking for feedback and the goal would be to receive a certain amount of high customer satisfaction. This would not only assure that the customers are enjoying their time on the island, but also motivating the employees to be hard and helpful workers. Jex (2008) explains the three main reasons that goals have motivational value: Directs employee’s attention and effort in a particular direction, avoid being sidetracked by maintaining task persistence, and facilitate the development of task strategies, which could mean employees coming up with innovative ideas to reach the goals (p. x). Meaning this is a win-win situation for Baderman Island, its employees, and the guests. Leadership versus management differences

A leader is a person who leads whereas a manager is on who manages. A leader is to motivate people. Manager is given powers by the company and the subordinates and they have to do as they are told. There is a difference within them both. Managers think incrementally, leaders think radically. Managers tend to do everything by the book and with leaders the just go with the flow. BMG hire managers that are experienced in their field....
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