Environmental Problems

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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2. (A) Two environmental problems that are associated with water diversion are decrease sediment downstream of dam and decreased water volume in waterways down/upstream. The decrease in sediments downstream of dams causes nutrients not to transfer so without valuable nutrients plant and animal growth is decreasing. The decrease in water volume in waterways is interfering with the reproductive cycle of plants and animals downstream. For example, the Chinook salmon aren’t able to spawn since there were trapped from moving back upstream by dams which formed large pools behind the dams making water temperature to rise into a range that’s not favorable to salmon. (B) An argument for diverting water for urban consumption is the extremely negative economic impact it will have on industries as well as the people. The failure of industries to function means production would stop contributing to recession as well as the loss of jobs for all the employees. The argument for diverting water for permitting the flow of water to natural areas would allow the recharge of groundwater supplies which is important in sustaining a supply of water for the human use and ecosystems. Conservation of water supplies is important for future generations so that they will have enough available water for consumption to urban areas and agricultural areas. (C) Garrison Diversion Project was to divert water from the Missouri River to the Red River in North Dakota, along the way irrigating more than a million acres of prairie, attracting new residents and industries, and providing recreation opportunities. One environmental problem that has resulted, or might result, from this project is that the moving water from one watershed to another will transfer non-native and invasive species that could attack native organisms as well as devastate habitats. Another environmental that has resulted, or might result, from this project is that it could cause flooding behind the dams and reservoirs which is...
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