Environmental Practical Work on Water Supply

Topics: Dam, Aquifer, Flood Pages: 5 (1284 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Environmental Management Practical Work.
Names: Tyra Alonso, Vicky Barbieri.
Course: Year Four.
Uses of fresh water:
1. The UN subdivides water into 3 sectors. Which ones?
2. What do developing countries mainly use water for?
3. How can these countries boost food output?
4. What do developed countries mainly use water for?

Water supply from natural resources:
Define the following words and illustrate with pictures from the web: ← Aquifer
← Impermeable Rock
← Reservoir
← Spring
← Water Table
← Well
1. Where have the most densely populated areas settled down over the past years? Why? Name cities with rivers flowing nearby or across them. 2. Wich are the most suitable cities for water supply?

3. Cite favourable geological conditions (page 70)

Do activities:
Page 69: 2 a and b, 3 a and 4 a.
Page 72: 1 a and b.

Advantages and disadvantages of large dams:
1. Make two lists, one for adventages and one for disadventages (costs) from builing large dams. 2. Explain how some of the disadventages of large dams may be avoided by building more small dams. 3. Find info in any environmental webpage about the impacts of constructing a dam, costs, benefits and drawbacks.

Uses of fresh water:
1. The UN subdivides water in three sectors: domestic (home and waste disposal), industrial (factories and for power) and agricultural (irrigation). 2. In Africa and Asia farming is the main activity, and in contrast, in North America and Europe, factories and industries are the main activity in which water is used. 3. They can improve techniques of use, methods and technologies for better irrigaion (such as creating dams) in order to: boost crop fields, allow crops to be grown in dry periods and use desert land to extend the area used by farming. 4. North America and Europe mainly use water for industrial activities in factories.

Water supplies from Natural Resources:
← Aquifer: Underground water stores. [pic]
← Impermeable Rock: Rock which does not allow water to pass through it. [pic] ← Reservoir: Artificial lake used to store water for human use. [pic] ← Spring: Point where underground water re-merges up to the surface. [pic] ← Water Table: Level below which the ground is saturated. [pic] ← Well: Shaft, sometimes lined with stone, sink into the ground for water. [pic]

1. India and China. In China, the most densely populated areas are settled down along the banks of big rivers such as Yangtze and Hwang-Ho, and in India, along the Ganghes. 2. The most suitable sites for water supply are above aquifers, places where favourable geological conditions have concentrated underground water in one place. 3. Favourable geological conditions:

← Alternating layers of permeable and impermeable rocks to trap the water in the permeable rock. ← Folded layers of rock so that water can accumulate most in the down fold. ← Permeable rocks outcropping on the surface to recieve new supplies of rainwater. ← Water is stored in the limestone and sandstone rocks below the water table.

Do activities:
Page 69.

I. We think that in the three South Asian countries the percentages are similar because these countries are developing countries, in which agricultural activities predominate. In these countries industries and factories are not developed as in the UK, which in contrast, is a developed country. II. In the UK the percentages are different because industries and factories are the predominant activities developed by the country, due to the industrial revolution, and so other factors (income, capital and resources).

A. In North America there seem to be more water supply than in other countries, that may suffer water stresses.

A. In our homes, water is used mainly for personal use (washing out...
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