Environmental, Population, and Conservation Perspective

Topics: Recycling, Waste management, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: March 23, 2011
Environmental, Population, and Conservation Perspective

This perspective best describes me. I am very obsessed with recycling. I think I have a major psychological problem with it. I will dig through the trash to get out recyclable items my family has thrown away. When I go to my mother-in-laws for dinner every Sunday, I want to take home all the boxes, cans and bags that the food came in. I am constantly trying to change other people into being recyclers and do a lot of observation on how and if people recycle. I want to teach my son that care of the environment needs to be taken very seriously.

I didn’t recycle as a child, but when I moved to Germany while I was in the military, it was required that you recycled. The military gave us different colored recyclable bags, which helped in sorting cans, plastic and paper. A good example from Clay (2001) is “incentives like bottle deposits encourage people to recycle”. I think the influence of those rules turned me into an environmentalist. If you got caught not recycling or sorting your recyclables, there were consequences. I am not one for getting into trouble, so I was always sure I did it right. I feel so strongly about this because I have this picture in my mind of all this trash piling up around us and no clean air to breath.

I have a huge food and herb garden every year. I enjoy composting my food scraps and it also saves on our trash bill. Our local waste management facility offers compost bins for a cheaper price than you can buy it in the store, great incentive. I reuse items and make them into new things, often giving them away as gifts. I try to buy only items that have recycled packaging, which is very difficult sometimes. I am saving money by growing my own food and I know the food is free of chemicals. Being self sufficient is great for the environment because you leave a smaller footprint behind. This promotes healthier eating for my whole family. Someday I want to have my...
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