Environmental Pollution: Burden and Strategies for Control

Topics: Pollution, Global warming, Marine pollution Pages: 6 (2346 words) Published: December 16, 2012

The more our country develops, the more our life conditions need to be improved. However, the environmental problem is so serious that it causes too much damage for our life, not only in many years ago but also nowadays. Have you ever heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch yet? It is twice the size of Texas and floating somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii. It also has 80% plastic and weighs in at 3.5 million tons. Many attempts have been made to clean them but it seems to be useless. Today, as our global population expands, so too does the amount of trash we produce, the amount of carbon dioxide we exhale and also the temperature of our global. If we continue this way, we will not be able to imagine how terrible all the damages may bring to our lives in the future. Therefore, our government, especially the local level should care more about the environmental problem and global warming and have more solutions as soon as possible.

First of all, why should our government care about the environment and global warming? According to the result of the survey that I just collected, there are 19% of the people who did the survey believe that environment and global warming is the most serious problem today. Additionally, this issue has a close relationship with the Constitution of America. For example, the preamble has six goals of government and according to the fifth goal which is about promoting the general welfare, the government has the responsibility to make sure that everyone can have a better life with many of its benefits. Besides that, environment and global warming is also related to the Amendment IX which is about other rights to people, that means people have the right of living in a clean environment with less trash and pollution. Therefore, our government has to do give and protect these rights for its people as what it says in the Constitution of America. For what we have seen, the environment is polluted in some ways such as land pollution, air pollution and water pollution. First, throughout these years, people have disposed of unwanted materials or trash onto streets, roadsides, in small local dumps or often in remote locations without fear of retribution. Those trash then pollute the land and the growing poles of waste led to the spread of disease which can kill a huge number of people on the Earth. According to a study by the Dutch organization VROM, “80 % of the people claim that everybody leaves of a piece of paper, tins or something on the street behind. Also the smokers and youth are specific target groups within many campaigns conducted to keep countries free of litter”. And from the 1999 research by Keep America Beautiful, 75% of Americans admitted to littering the last five years, yet 99% of the same individuals admitted they enjoyed a clean environment”. How come they want to live in a clean environment while they are the one who pollute their own environment. Specifically, base on the result of the survey that I did, 80% of the people believe that human is the main cause of polluted environment and global warming, and 63% of them said that they are not doing anything to prevent global warming. That is a really serious problem. Land pollution basically is also contaminated because of dumping of industrial wastes, mineral exploration, and misusing the soil by harmful agricultural practices. The soil gets polluted by the chemicals in pesticides and herbicides used for agricultural purposes. Next, they do not stop right there, those trash, chemicals and polluted soil flow into the rivers, lakes or even the oceans and cause water pollution. While many of the chemicals and substances that are regulated maybe naturally occurring, the concentration is often the key in determining what is a natural component of water and what is a contaminant. Those may not only cause damage to human’s health but also disrupt plant growth, and kill many creatures of animal...
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