Environmental Policy in the Eu

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Environmental policy is one of the most important of EU legislation. The EU is the leading authority in this area with up to 80% of UK legislation on environmental affairs estimated to come from the EU. However, critics of EU environmental policy question the efficiency of some measures, arguing that the cost of complying with these regulations leaves European business uncompetitive, especially in the face of increased competition from countries such as China and India, which do not have such strict environmental rules. How the EU's environmental policy generates business opportunities for EU companies in the EU members' states? Firstly, to understand these phenomena, we are going to explain the history of environmental policy and to see the different changes about the enlargement of the European Union. Secondly, we talk about the EU's environmental policy generates business opportunities for EU companies in the new EU. Thirdly, Turkey is one of the accession countries. I - Environmental policy of the European Union

1) History
Environmental policy is a relatively recent EU policy area. Environmental protection was not mentioned in the Treaty of Rome (1958), and it was not until 1972 that the first of a series of European Environmental Action Plans (EAP) was launched. The Single European Act (1986) marked the beginning of a more prominent role for environmental protection in EU policy-making, introducing the principal that environmental protection should be considered in all new Community legislation. EU environmental policy was substantially expanded by the Treaties of Maastricht (1992) and Amsterdam (1997), which made sustainable development one of the EU's central objectives. Sustainable development also forms a key part of the Europe 2020 Strategy, which underpins all EU policy regarding the single market. The Lisbon Treaty (2007) reiterated the objective of sustainable development and, in 2010; the EU renewed a number of environmental Directives to ensure they comply with the Lisbon Treaty.

2) EU Legislation

The European Union applies environmental standards among the highest in the world. They are the result of decades of work. Today, the priorities are: the protection wildlife and the more efficient use of natural resources. These objectives also contribute to economic growth, because they stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. The EU environmental policy operates in several sectors, they are seven different sectors and I explain them. Protecting biodiversity:

The EU is committed to the protection of biodiversity, and to halting biodiversity loss within the EU by 2020. Over the last 25 years the EU has built up a vast network of 26.000 protected areas in all the Member States and an area of more than 750.000 km2, which is 18% of the EU’s land area. Known as Natura 2000, it is the largest network of protected areas in the world, and a testament to the importance that EU citizens attach to biodiversity. The legal basis for Natura 2000 comes from the Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive, which form the backbone of the EU's internal biodiversity policy. Air quality:

A clean air supply is essential to our own health and that of the environment. But since the industrial revolution, the quality of the air we breathe has deteriorated considerably - mainly as a result of human activities. Rising industrial and energy production, the burning of fossil fuels and the dramatic rise in traffic on our roads all contribute to air pollution in our towns and cities which, in turn, can lead to serious health problems. For example, air pollution is increasingly being cited as the main cause of lung conditions such as asthma - twice as many people suffer from asthma today compared to 30 years ago. The issue of air quality is still a major concern for many European citizens. It is also one of the areas in which the European Union has been most active. Since the early 1970s, the EU has been working to...
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