Environmental Planning Theory

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The stormwater management plan for Hobart City Council

Stormwater generally refer to all surfaces water and runoff which is from rainfall and melting snow. At present, as the result of the urban expansion, impervious surfaces interrupt the pathway of the rainfall and other surface flow infiltrating into ground, and lead to increased stormwater in the residential areas (Brattebo & Booth 2003). Meanwhile, the water supplies for higher quality life from inhabitants and intense rainfall event in certain areas caused by climate change generate more stormwater on the urban surfaces (Howe et al. 2005 in Coppock & Brown 2007). Increased stormwater could erode watershed and spread contaminants, even causing the flood event. On the other hand, it is also identified as a valuable resource and important for mitigating the pressure on urban water supply (Barton & Argue 2007). Thus, stormwater has been considered as an crucial issue in urban environmental management and concerned by all levels of authorities since long time ago (Brown 2005). This report aims to identify issues of stormwater management in Hobart, Australia from the view of Hobart city council, and the following content includes three subsections. At the beginning, the background information about Hobart, including geographical location, climate and governance, is demonstrated briefly. Secondly, all the possible theoretical approaches which can be adopted into the study area are discussed and analyzed. Then, the author compared and balanced the advantage and negative attributes in each approach, which contribute to identify the appropriate approaches in developing the particular planning process.

The Hobart City is the capital of Tasmania, and there is about 50,000 people lived in the City of Hobart local government area in 2009 (ABS 2009). The Hobart City nestled under Mt Wellington on the Derwent River, southern Tasmania, where mountainous topography dominates the local climate (CBMA 2011). The average annual rainfall is 624mm, and Figure 1 illustrates the isohyets in Hobart area (CBMA 2011). Derwent River supplied sufficient high quality of drinking water to the Hobart region, and absorbed most of stormwater discharged (HCC 2011). Hence, for the purpose of maintaining water resources and conserving drinking water quality away from the long-term influences of contaminated stormwater runoff, a wide range of stormwater improvement programs has been executed, including Sandy Bay Rivulet Catchment Projects, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Projects, New Town Rivulet Catchment Projects and CBD Stormwater Projects (HCC 2011). In addition, the documents such as ‘Water Sensitive Urban Design Site Development Guidelines and Practice Notes’ have been introduced to guide the practices on stormwater treatment and reuse (HCC 2006). [pic]

Figure 1 Hobart isohyets (rainfall contours) Source: Hobart Ciy Council Website

The following Approaches will be analyzed and balanced for the possibility of applied in ‘The Stormwater Management Plan for Hobart City Council’.

1. Policy Analysis and Comprehensive/ Rational Planning
• Comprehensive/ Rational Planning The planner assume they are in the position of preventing public interest (Briassoulis 1989) • Comprehensive/ Rational Planning Environment is an interconnected • Comprehensive/ Rational Planning believe the appropriate solutions for achieving planning goals is, from the objective view and based on the scientific data, to identified objects with the inner connection between the means and ends (Briassoulis 1989). • Comprehensive/ Rational Planning The planners’ decision making is based on the idealized images and influenced by the strong personalities, power dominated , not citizen participation involved, not social cost consideration, above reality, time cost (Briassoulis 1989) • Comprehensive/ Rational Planning The comprehensive planning meets the soundness environmental criterion, but powerless...
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