Environmental Laws

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Should Environmental Law Violations be Reported

As the security manager at XYZ Company, I have come upon the information that they are currently in violation of several environmental laws. I feel that if the environmental violations are reported there may be severe criminal and civil action and costly pollution control requirements given to XYZ. It is certain that I will lose my job if the violations are reported. The situation in this case is not limited to the right and wrong action of breaking environmental laws, but it also becomes a question of ethics. Specifically in question are my ethics as the security manager of XYZ Company. As the security manager I have a decision to make on how to handle the violations in question. My first option would be to quit and look for job somewhere else. The second option would be to ignore the problem and continue on business as usual. The final choice would be to turn the company in. Should I chose the first option, to quit my job, there are things that must be considered. I could move on to another company that abides by the laws that have been set up to protect the environment. By quitting my job I won’t have to worry about what happens to XYZ Company. There are also negatives that go along with this choice. First of all being that the violations will continue unreported. The continued pollution will cause further harm to the environment. It would also become the problem of the next security manager that is hired to XYZ. The second alternative is to ignore the problem and continue working for company XYZ. By ignoring the problem I will not lose my job. I would not have to worry about the civil and/or criminal charges that could be assessed to the company. This alternative is also would have negative effects on the environment. There is a good chance the EPA will find out about the violations eventually. By not reporting the violations XYZ could face larger fines in the future. If the...
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