Environmental Issues

Topics: Marikina City, Metro Manila, Quezon City Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Environmental issues
We all know that there are already some cities in the country that implements the city ordinance for not using any plastics and Styrofoam. Cities like antipolo, Marikina, cainta, quezon city, and mandaluyong are only some that has this ordinance. Questions are bugging us out on why does the legislators keeps on concentrating on issue like rh bill that was already passed. And now they’re about to bring up the divorce law. Knowing and seeing that our country seeks environmental help. It is the one that is in danger and should be prioritize. With just a simple rain extreme flooding happens. Lives are at risk. Lives are even lost. We are all aware of this. But why don’t they pass a bill of strictly preventing the use of plastics in groceries and other retail stores and for implying that fast food chains and other food related businesses should NOT use Styrofoam and also plastics? Sm supermalls are already preventing the use of plastics and other malls also groceries. They’re using paper bags, paper wrapper or they sell eco bags which they can reuse all over again. In this way it’s already a big help on minimizing the number of plastic trash. Educating properly the citizen of the country on how they can help save the environment but not only it but also they can save one another for the tragedies that awaits for us if we continue on ruining our environment.

End: Election is coming, politicians are coming out. Telling false promises all about POVERTY POVERTY POVERTY but it is not the only problem that we have. Philippines has a lot of problems to deal with not just the poverty of most of its citizens. Ads are everywhere, tv, radio, bulletines, literally everywhere you go, people from the lowest to the highest class are informed. Why can’t they give other situation, situation about the country of its beauty, if it is well taken care off? If only the politicians will tell promises to save Mother Nature people can be informed that our country...
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