Environmental Issue

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Community Environment Issue
Zachery Peterson
SCI 275
Stacey Laub

Community Environment Issue
Through most of the world, since history has ever started, much of the countries founded have gone through many changes. One of the major changes is the number of population that they hold, and the world holds altogether. As the growth of population grows, the demand from which the citizens need grows as well; causing the environment around us to change. The focus of this paper will to evaluate a report given on the environment of Philadelphia county and surrounding areas; and identify some main issues within those areas. The report that is being reviewed is “The Metropolitan Philadelphia indicators project” (William Penn Foundation and Temple University, 2009). Within the report there are many areas of interest that are noted throughout, of which many would not go along with this paper’s topic. Those areas would include: economy, income, housing, education, health and other areas of these sort. The main portion that will be focused on will be the environment section of the report, which can be founded on page 47 (William Penn Foundation and Temple University, 2009). Although this paper will be focused around this one section, the other topics mentioned in the report play a role as well; seeing that without one the other could suffer ( Ex: without a good economy, the health of the area could suffer). Focusing in on the environment section of the report, you are able to tell there is one main issue being represented: the amount of impervious surfaces for storm water to be absorbed. This is an environmental sustainability issue due to the storm water being stuck in open air, becoming stagnated and draining into our waterways. Without enough green space through the conversion of residential and business adaption, the water is unable to be absorbed by nature. Not only does the physical development alter the absorption of water, but air as well, since the...
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