Environmental Impacts of Hydropower on Economic Development of Cu Jut, Dak Nong

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Environmental Economics

Environmental impacts of hydropower on economic development of Cu Jut, Dak Nong

Environmental impacts of hydropower on economic development of Cu Jut, Dak Nong



Theory fundamentals


Overview of Cu Jut


Impacts of hydro-power on agriculture, aquaculture and forestry


Impacts of hydro-power on industry


Impacts of hydro-power on tourism







Environmental Economics



Environmental impacts of hydropower on economic development of Cu Jut, Dak Nong

Hydro-power used to be regarded as a clean source of energy inasmuch as it does not use fossil fuels to generate power and thus does not produce any contaminating emissions. However, hydro-power dams block the water flow, which, in fact, trigge rs the damage to and loss of forests and habitats of both aquatic and terrestrial organisms and leads to the ecological imbalance. This remarkably signifies direct and adverse influences of hydro -power on the environment and then, forestry, aquaculture, agriculture and tourism. More to the point, hydro -power facilitates the development of industry, which, in case of uncontrolled investment and operation, will negatively affect the environment with its untreated wastes. As consequences, the environment is polluted; residents’ living standard depletes and natural disasters befall more frequently. In Vietnam, it remains to be seen whether hydro -power is an effective tool of sustainable development. It is undeniable that hydro -power projects are contributing to the industrialization and modernization of a great many regions. They, however, lead to not only flooding in monsoon season but also shortage of water in dry season, causing difficulty to residents’ lives and production.

In order to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of hydro -power in the regional environment and development, we have an analysis on the environmental impacts of hydro power on the economic development of Cu Jut with respect to agriculture, aquaculture, tourism

Environmental Economics

and industry.

Environmental impacts of hydropower on economic development of Cu Jut, Dak Nong

Theory fundamentals
Econometrics: Simple linear regression and correlation1
Regression is a method of indicating how one variable (the outcome), is numerically involved in predictor variables. The simple linear regression equation is basically generalized as:

is the gradient, slope or regression coefficient
is the intercept of the line at y axis or regression constant y is a value for the outcome
x is a value for the predictor

Correlation exhibits the interdependence of variables. Regarding to the context of regression indications, correlation shows the relationship between x and y. And Pearson’s moment correlation coefficient is a method of correlation.

If the slope equal to 0, there is no correlation.
If the slope lies between 0 and 1, there is positive correlation. If the slope lies between -1 and 0, there is negative correlation.

Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics: Trade-offs between economic growth and environment 2 According to Kuznet’s curve, preindustrial economies have to face the trade-offs between economic
growth and environment. In those
development would bring along
the environmental degradation
because short -term economic
activities can cause huge changes;
thus, damage; to environment. In
his conclusion, if with evidence
supported, development policies
can be potentially benign for
long-run economies but they are
also capable to be malignant for environment in the short -to-medium run.


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