Environmental Impact

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Environmental Impact Analysis
Anthony Anderson 3/1/2012

Sanchez and Hudson opened small pediatric office in Riverside, California is an example of having a dream come true without planning for the future. The building has become too large for the staffing that the Two Doctors /entruenpuers have been in for five years, Records are being lost, and waiting rooms packed medical records systems are overloaded with the possibility of patient’s records getting lost. Long lines cause patients to get in patients and staff to get stressed from their inability to serve their customers. The Two business men are spending most of their time now working on expanding the building hiring staff, talking to community services all important things with the except ion of continuing to fulfill their dream of excellent care for their patients. Sanchez and Hudson have to immediately implement immediate organizational change plan and organize for success. Some steps that could be taken to assist change would be to research other clinics of the same size or Hire a consultant firm. The company should research how the Economic, Political, Techno logical, legal and Social/Culture, Demographic trends impacts their continued growth in the community. There are many ways the company could move forward, they will have to look inside and take a complete inventory of the whole clinic, from the paper, the qualifications of employees, the job description of employees, how many employees will be needed or eliminated. Since cast study says they are busy working on the expansion, it’s safe to assume that they have either found a new location in the community and that they do have the financial backing of the banks and the stakes holders involved during the process. Managing the change for this company will be challenging for all that is involved, so there will definitely have be a Leader chosen to lead the transition team forward and to motivate the team during this time of change. The eight stage model for change used in our class room will be a go example of how Hudson and Sanchez should move forward. The first thing they should do is hire a consulting firm to manage the day to operation of the office. During this will free up Hudson and Sanchez to begin to develop a more in-depth business plan for future operations. The consulting firm will research the company’s operations to see how it can be improved, they will talk to the management team, and (if there is one in place) they will look at staffing and staffing schedules. Also they will talk to the clients to discussion their wants and needs. The consulting firm will also go outside through the community to find out how they feel about new improvements and thoughts of expansion. I had firsthand experience working with a team of consultants during an organization change at the University of Maryland. The team came 6 months before the present organization was to leave and revamped the entire system. The consulted did all of the things mentioned above plus they provided counseling, resume writing, interview procedures, and job search assistant for employees and managers that were not being retained. This consulting team tried to ensure that people remained motivated by holding classes, having lots of one conversation with staff and consistently informing the staff of almost every change that was going too happened before it happened. This would help the Hudson team because of their stress level and insecurities’ about the future of the company would motivate them. The consulting team system works even for the people who will not be retained in the company. Having a consulting team would let them always have a place to go for answers during the change. Using other people to create constructive change can only help team members feel better about the transition that...
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