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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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E Finn.
As of the past half century or so, Americans have been growing more and more concerned with nutrition and keeping up a healthy lifestyle. As a result, we are living to be older and older. Denise Scruggs (2012) claims that we are headed towards a “Silver Tsunami” which is a state of being where the older population outnumbers the younger population. I believe this is happening now, and I believe that we are striving to keep the elderly alive because we have an innate responsibility to take care of our elders, and because of a connection to the past we don’t want to lose.

In her lecture, Scruggs (2012) talks about all of the changes that we would have to make to make in order to accommodate for an aging population. Some of these changes include an increased risk of mental illness with an aging population. When you have more people getting older, there is more of a risk of them getting some form of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Vertigo. This would lead to a growing population of adults who are mentally unstable. Another change that would occur is in the types of businesses and services we would provide to an aging population with different needs and expectations. With an aging population, people are going to need different services, such as healthcare or retirement advice. They will have the need for different businesses, such as the eye care business, taking care of a growing population with deteriorating eyes. Also, the realty business will change to accommodate all of the moving retirees. Businesses such as these, along with many other social programs, such as social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Pension programs will have to change to deal with growing financial strain. Another change that is likely to occur with an aging population is an increased presence of the elderly in the workforce. As the average age of living increases, people must stay in their careers longer in order to accumulate enough wealth for their elongated lives. This will...
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