Environmental Factors

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“Some days, optimism can be hard to come by.
The world is facing unprecedented challenges.”

Environmental Factors

Environmental Factors
Coca-Cola, Inc.
When it comes to promoting a product or service, one size does not fit all. Certain aspects of the marketing plan need to change depending on whether the company is marketing domestically or globally. Coca-Cola, Inc. is a successful organization with both global and domestic operations. An organization of this magnitude has external factors that can affect the complete operations of the company. These factors can range from social, economic, technological, competitive, and authoritarian, which in many foreign countries, if not well managed can become problematic. These factors are the marketing environment in which the company has to make decisions that will affect the operations of the company.

Domestic and environmental factors that could affect Coca-Cola range from social, economic, technological, competition from both foreign governments and companies and regulatory hurdles that must be overcome. Despite the challenges, the changes in climate, global warming, changes to land and water, there are three issues critical to the company, and they state the following:

“We at The Coca-Cola Company are working hard to help. We are bringing the hearts and know-how of our system’s 700,000 people to bear on the most critical issues facing our Company and the world: Water stewardship. Energy management and climate protection. Packaging and waste reduction. And the work of building communities that are healthy in every respect;” (2010/2011 Sustainability Report) The company recognizes it necessary for business to help meet these challenges; they also know that as a major global organization it is the right thing to do. Coca-Cola feels the necessity to be part of the solution and because of the nature of their business they are committed to making every effort to make the world...
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