Environmental Ethics

Topics: Food industry, Genetically modified food, Genetically modified organism Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: March 20, 2013
1. Your case study will begin by looking up and writing a solid, detailed definition of: BIO-MAGNIFICATION. In order to understand the ethical dilemmas that corporations are facing we must look at some of the more obvious areas to the public: polluted water supplies, polluted air, dirt, etc. They understand bio-magnification and so does the EPA. Research and explain what this scientifically means and how it is applied when the EPA conducts the testing on ground water, as an example. (one page is required)

Bio-magnification is a “Result of the process of bioaccumulation and biotransfer by which tissue concentrations of chemicals in organisms at one trophic level exceed tissue concentrations in organisms at the next lower trophic level in a food chain.” - Environmental Protection Agency, 2010 ("Biomagnification," 2012). In other words, bio-magnification is the increase in concentration of a substance that occurs in a food chain as a consequence of one of the following: persistence (cant be broken down by environmental processes), food chain energetics, and or low (non consistent) rate of internal degradation/excretion of the substance (often due to water-insolubility). Biological magnification often times refers to the process by whereby certain substances such as pesticides or heavy metals move up the food chain, work their way into our rivers, lakes and streams, are eaten by aquatic organisms such as fish, which in turn are eaten by large birds, animals or humans. These substances become concentrated in tissues or internal organs as they move up the food chain ("Biomagnification," 2012). In summary, bio-magnification is the process whereby the tissue concentrations of a contaminant, such as pesticides or heavy metal, increase as it passes up the food chain through two or more trophic levels.

2. The second part of this case is about “genetically modified foods”. Debate the concept that utilitarian is concerned regarding the rights of...
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