Environmental Effects on Fetus

Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Uterus Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: May 13, 2013
We count all toes and fingers when children are born. We try to make sure that children are born healthy and try to do our best of making sure they stay that way until they are adults. However, sleeper effects are aspects that affect fetuses when born or later on in life. One agent in the environment that can adversely disturb an unborn child is teratogen. Most fetuses are exposed to at least one teratogen (motorized or physical instruments, environmental substances, communicable agents) (Palenchar, 2005). Fetuses can also be affected by an individual’s age, fitness, nourishment, and genetics.

Communicable diseases can cause irreversible damages to fetuses. These diseases can disturb the fetus while still in the womb or through the birth canal or sometimes both. For instance, if a mother is in her first trimester and has rubella, the child may be have heart defects, be blind or even metal retarded. If the disease is still present in the second trimester, the child may have language issues, hearing and vision loss (Sleigh, 2005). Another example would be if the mother has AIDs. During birth, the child may be infected. This is because infants are susceptible to respiratory illnesses (Sleigh, 2005).

Prenatal care is vital to the prevention of many illnesses for the child and mother. If the mother is not receiving proper nutrition, then the womb is not able to pass nutrients on to the fetus and it will not develop properly. The offspring of this fetus will be affected and the generation after, therefore fetuses can be affected multigenerational (Sleigh, 2005).

Finally, Sleigh (2005) says that the ideal time for women to have children would be in their 20’s. This is because mental disabilities can show up in children whose mother gave birth to them past the age of 35. Hormonal changes due to a woman approaching menopause may cause the uterus to be less favorable for fertilization. Additionally, the mother’s overall health is a risk as she may...
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