Environmental Disaster

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Natural environment, Global warming Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Environmental Destruction

In the past century we have made many great innovations such as automobiles and aircrafts and even pesticides. With these great innovations come consequences. Such as global warming as Bill Mckibben states in his essay “The Environmental Issue from Hell”. In this essay Mckibben talks about how humanity in the past century has contributed to global warming by using fuel burning vehicles and aircraft. Before Pesticides, farmers had a tough time keeping crops alive due to insects. With the creation of pesticides this problem went away, but these chemicals have started to contaminate our air, rivers, and earth as described in “The Obligation to Endure” by Rachel Carson. We have 2 serious environmental problems and these are the possible solutions.

Innovations in the way we travel have had a very big negative impact on our planet like global warming. As Mckibben describes in his essay that “OF you switched today from the average car American car to a big SUV, and drove it for just one year, the difference in carbon dioxide that you would produce is equivalent to leaving your refrigerator door open and forgetting to close it for six years” (748). What Mckibben means is that our minds are more geared towards comfort and looks and by buying these big nice looking trucks and SUV’s we are killing the environment because we are releasing twice the amount of carbon gasses than your

average vehicle from the early 1990’s did. Mckibben also talks about how even if one person changes there would still be billions of others emitting tons of carbon gasses. The only solution is for the government and private organizations to come out with no or less carbon dioxide producing fuel. There is still the electric car which can cut carbon gasses in half if everyone drove one. The only Carbon gasses would be emitted is from the power plant and that’s better than have millions of cars pumping trillions of pounds of carbon dioxide gases.

Pesticides have...
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