Environmental Degradation

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Climate change Pages: 23 (9511 words) Published: March 3, 2012
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Environmental degradation

Any type of activities which alters the systems of the environment and he disturbances caused to air,water,soil and the eco systems is known as environmental degradation. Its under the top ten threats in the united nations panel. Because of environmental degradation illness and premature deaths occur in large numbers. A report says that human health is deteriorating in the past decades. If improvements are being made to enhance human health millions of people will dwell a longer and a healthier life. Mountainous farmers produce a reasonable amount of cash crops and food by their old and traditional farming methods. Even though there has been larger yield of crops in the modern farming techniques they seriously harm the environment and the land where cropping is being done loses its fertility. With no other go it has brought a special attention on issues like food security. Generally the Environmental degradation is of five main factors. First one is the deterioration of water because nowadays the fresh water resources in the earth are getting depleted and when calculated approximately around only two and half percent of water is fresh water in the whole earth. The rest is the oceanic water which is salty in nature.Another study states that almost 70% of the whole water present on earth is in solid state i.e they are in form of ice in the polar regions like antartica and Greenland. The water available for human consumption is very meager like its just thirty percent of 2.5% present fresh water.Life on earth is simply possible only with amount of fresh water resources available, because each and every living thing on earth is dependent on it. It also acts as a transporter of chemicals and nutrients to all form of life in the biosphere. Currently 95% of the fresh water is mainly used three purposes like irrigation for farming, golf courses and parks. Remaining is only used for human consumption like bathing ,drinking and household purposes.Some water is also used in the industry for washing and cooling. Already 1 person out every three persons suffer from water scarcity problems due to several reasons like growing population, climatic changes, urbanization and sophisticated living of humans. Another reason is rapid climate changes which are very prevalent on earth. These climate changes can bring back many adverse effects to earth like droughts and floods, emission of the green house gases into the atmosphere which results in depletion of the ozone layer, landslides and soil erosion by which the soil loses its all its minerals present which has effects on the crops cultivated on it.A serious impact of climate is the global warming by which the temperature of the whole planet rises and brings rapid changes in the eco systems. There will be some ups and downs in precipitations like the tropical areas and the areas of higher latitudes have higher precipitations than the other areas. In the end there is uneven distribution of precipitation around the planet which alters the water resource availability on earth.The precipitation also has it impacts on ground water resources .Shifts in precipitation will affect the vegetation pattern as well. The next major factor is the population growth.Water usage becomes more as the population begins to rise.Some times due to the precipitation increase the water resource is more but simultaneously an increase of water supply is expected because of the population growth.Increased population simply means increased water requirements on agricultural,industrial and domestic grounds.Agriculture will be the major demand for water resources because everybody need food to survive.In a survey in the united states it has been found out that lot of people have moved into urban areas from rural areas in the past twenty years,which brought demands of water to...
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