Environmental Damage Due to Development Has Affected Tourism in the Caribbean: Inevitable.

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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TOPIC: Environmental Damage Due to Development Has Affected Tourism in the Caribbean: Inevitable. Audience: Faculty of built environment and tourism management students. PURPOSE: To convince students that environmental damage is inevitable and precautionary measures should be taken to lessen this problem to ensure that the Caribbean keeps it title as a “tourist destination”. THESIS: Within in the Caribbean environmental damage is inevitable and one should focus on minimizing the effects of progress, change and advancement and take precautionary measures to lessen the potential damage which can occur and decrease the arrivals of visitors to the Caribbean. CLAIMS:

I. The improvement to people’s standard of living, infrastructure and their overall life is owed to rapid development in technology and science therefore encouraging more visitors to the Caribbean. A. Globalization has facilitated people with improvements and conveniences but global warming and its effects on the environment are being continually damaging e.g. the damaging effects it has been having on the reefs in the Caribbean regions which is one of the main attractions of some of the Caribbean Islands. B. There is a relationship between development and poverty, and the degradation and exploitation of the environment and natural resources (Suchak) e.g. in Haiti their poverty is directly linked to deforestation and habitat loss. (Blajchman).Thus affecting the tourist’s evaluation of the Caribbean. C. There is a need for policy intervention to concentrate and advocate for environmental protection. II. Damage to the environment is an inevitable consequence of economic development. A. “… economic development invariably happens at the expense of some part of the environment.” (Doohan 18). Many people have claimed that this is a short term traded off for long term profit e.g. tourism in all Caribbean countries usually trade off the environmental impact for the economic gain.

B. In...