Environmental and Consumer Influence

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Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis
The analysis of the MAC Cosmetics line will be discussed. The psychological and social factors of the consumer will be discoursed to include their motives, perception, attitudes, personality, family, social class, and reference group. Behavior of the consumer towards the product will also be discussed and analyzed. Along with the psychological and social factors the external factors will also be presented. The external factors of the consumer’s life will be considered; how they influence the consumer behavior and decision-making over the purchase of the product will be analyzed. External factors such as political, legal, social, ecological, cultural, technological and business ethics will be discussed.

MAC Cosmetics slogan reads, “Professional makeup artist quality cosmetics” (MAC Cosmetics). This slogan allows the consumer to know that MAC makeup is so good makeup artist use it. It allows the consumer to connect the dots between makeup artists to celebrities to the consumer and the consumer using celebrity worthy products. With so many other makeup brands MAC Cosmetics is known for being bold and colorful; from their products to the celebrities they use to advertise and market their products. For example, Nicki Minaj, a well-known music rapper known not only for her controversial lyrics but her unique form of dress. She is the flashy and different exactly what MAC Cosmetics attempts to portray their products to be. Before Nicki Minaj there was Lady Gaga, another example of an over-the-top music artist.

When describing the psychological and social factors involved in consumer purchase of this product; MAC Cosmetics much like every product marketer have researched and studied these factors under a microscope, figuratively speaking. It is important to understand every aspect of a consumer’s behavior factor to receive a clearer picture on how to market the product. When speaking of consumer psychological and social factors we are speaking of the consumer’s motives, perception, and attitudes.

When analyzing a consumer’s motives, a motive is defined as a reason for doing something (Merriam-Webster). When comparing one consumer to another the motives may not be all the same. Motives can range from simply needing a makeup refill to wanting to use a highly advertised product. Wanting to use a popular product such as MAC can then be a psychological factor. When speaking of a psychological factor we then have to take into consideration the needs of this particular consumer. Perhaps this product is used by everyone he or she knows and they merely would like to fit in. But this example is most likely take place in a younger consumer, maybe a high school or college student. Another motive that can be introduced is the consumer may feel good wearing this product. Not only because this product does what it advertises but because the consumer likes how they look wearing it.

As discussed above, how the consumer feels when wearing the product may allow them to give the perception of flawless skin. The perception goal given by the models and celebrities used to market the MAC Cosmetics products, they want consumers to feel like they can look just like them. To be realistic everyone has some flaw they would like to cover or camouflage and when told by a celebrity who is admired and continuously looks flawless, that will affect the decision of the consumer’s perception of that particular product. It may also play an important role in which influences the consumer to purchase this product. The perception given by the advertisement then becomes a motive for the consumer to purchase a product they may have had no intention in purchasing.

Attitude also plays an important role in purchasing a product like MAC Cosmetics. Attitude is defined as a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state (Merriam-Webster). A consumer’s attitude may have several factors. A...
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