Environmental Analysis and Industry Analysis

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Lady Ath-Elite: A Training Facility for Female Athletes
L. Donnell
Grand Canyon University: MGT 660
December 20, 2012

Environmental Analysis and Industry Analysis
Rivalry will exist among Lady Ath-Elite but the intensity will not be great. There are several gyms in Huntsville, Alabama; the largest gyms are the University Fitness Center, Gold’s Gym, Riviera Fitness Centers, Bender’s Gym, Curves, Empire Fitness, and the new YMCA in Madison, Alabama (Yellowpages.com, 2012). Riviera Fitness Center will offer competition because one of its two branches, like Lady Ath-Elite is for women only. There are also the following gyms for women: Real Life Fitness for Women, and as previously-mentioned, Curves. However, those gyms are not quite as large as Riviera Fitness, which has four locations in the Huntsville area alone (Rivierafitnesscenters.com, 2011). Bender’s Gym will offer competition because one of its two local branches houses the Parisi Speed School, which is a training facility for aspiring athletes. Of course, some gyms, like Bender’s Gym and Gold’s Gym have the advantage of being open for twenty-four hours, which is a service that Lady Ath-Elite will not offer. However, the Parisi Speed School, which is a part of Bender’s Gym, is not open twenty-fours – only the actual gym (Bendersgym.com, 2012). Still, despite the luxuries offered by the aforementioned fitness centers, Lady Ath-Elite will be the only gym of its kind designated for women. There will be no other gym that will employ trainers who will guide and coach aspiring female athletes toward achieving their goals. The bargaining power of buyers will still be relatively high, since, like most other gyms, we will rely on membership to generate most of our revenue. Also, even though Lady Ath-Elite will be unique compared to most other gyms, consumers will likely want to be sure they are functioning within their budgets, even if it means sacrificing the one-on-one attention that the trainers of Lady...
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