Environment Pollution in Bangladesh

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Environment pollution is a much-talked topic of the present time. Our life is so deeply and invariably related to environment that any pollution of it causes dangers and brings about different disasters. In fact, a sound environment is the precondition of a sound living. However, our environment is being polluted in a number of ways. In Bangladesh, the level of environmental pollution has reached high and it is high time we checked environment from being spoilt.

Environment pollution by business:
Pollution is common phenomenon in Bangladesh. Water, Environment, Air are polluted continuously. Environment pollution is most common in our country. A report of Paribas Odhidoptor shows that “our environment is polluted double in every year”. All we see around us are the element of environment Air, Water and oil are some of the main element. But they often pose to be a thread to our life, particularly when they get polluted.

Types of pollution:
1. Air pollution by smoke:
Air is being polluted by the smoke and different gases emitted from various sources. Mills, factories, powerhouse, automobiles produce a lot of smoke which contain carbon-di-oxide, carbon-mono-oxide, sulphur oxide, nitrous oxide and other gases. 2. Water pollution by melt wastes:

Water, another important element of the environment is also being polluted in many different ways. Mills and factories, water-vehicles, and human beings throw their waste products and rubbish in the water and thus pollute water. Insanitary latrines, chemical fertilizers and insecticides used in farmlands, drainages and sewerage lines also contribute to further pollution.

3. Soil polluted by waste:
Estimates for solid waste generated in Dhaka city vary from 3,000 to 3,500 tons per day.

Natural resource and environment:
1. Bangladesh is a country of about 147,570 square kilometers, including inland and estuarine water. 6.7% of the country is rivers and inland water bodies. The congruence of the three mighty Himalayan rivers – the Ganges, the Brahmaputra and Meghna drain into the Bay of Bengal and the alluvial deposits carried down mostly by the these mighty rivers for thousands of years have formed Bangladesh. It is the largest delta in the world.

2. Bangladesh lies north of the Tropic of cancer, located between 20034’ N and 26033’ N latitudes and 88001’ E and 94041’ E longitudes. Located in the northeastern part of the Indian subcontinent, it is bordered by India on the west, north and east, except for a small portion in the south – east by Myanmar. The Bay of Bengal occupies the entire south.

3. Nearly 50% of the country stands 10 meters above the sea – level. Bangladesh has three types of landscapes: floodplains spread over 80% of the country’s land area, terraces covering 8% and hills dispersed over 12% of the land area of Bangladesh.

4. The three major rivers, the Padma, the Meghna and the Brahmaputra, and about 700 other rivers, distributaries, streams and canals totaled an enormous length of water areas. Rashid (1991) estimated the area to be about 24,000 km Bells, boars, haors1, rivers and canals, floodplains, estuaries etc made up this vast network of wetlands which provide a huge refuge for wildlife, fish and other aquatic lives.

5. The tropical climate has made the country luxuriant in vegetation. The forests of Bangladesh can broadly be classified as: (i) Tropical evergreen or semi-evergreen forest in the eastern districts of Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Sylhet, and the Chittagong Hill Tracts region collectively known as Hill forest; (ii) Moist or dry deciduous forest also known as Sal (Shorea robusta) forest located mainly in central plains and the freshwater areas in the northeast region; and (iii) Tidal mangrove forests along the coast, the Sundarbans in the southwest of the Khulna and other mangroves in the Chittagong and Noakhali coastal belt.

6. Bangladesh harbors a diverse and extensive fauna and flora. IUCN...
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