Environment: Good or Bad

Topics: Sun, Global warming, Earth Pages: 2 (364 words) Published: February 27, 2011
The Importance of Keeping Our Environment Clean

As you know, today’s population is increasing and everyday people are destroying the environment. Scientist predict that within the next 50 years or so, global warming will cause the earth to increase in temperature which will in turn cause the earth to have to experience more hurricanes, droughts and floods and many more climate changes. All of this though, could be avoided if we simply reduce the amount of air pollution, reuse and recycle everyday products in order to keep our environment clean.

Some of the ways in which we have been destroyed the environment are:

1.) We have been carelessly throwing litter all over the place. This litter when decomposed releases poisonous gasses which can lower the quality of the air we breathe. This can lead to many diseases like asthma which lowers the quality if life.

2.) The environment can be a learning environment for children and future generations. If we just litter all around the place and cut down the forest we will never be able to regain what we have lost.

3.) Also we have been rapidly destroying the ozone layer of the earth with the wanton emissions of fossil fuels and other pollutants. With the continuation of this destruction we will be exposed to deadly UV rays from the sun and solar flares which will lead to the death of the planet earth!

But don’t worry, not all has been lost yet. There is still hope for us and this planet. So you maybe asking yourselves what can we do to help. Well here some helpful tips which can help make a difference in this world:

Dispose all litter in a responsible way. Do not throw garbage all over the environment and always use the bin at all times.

We all can encourage the Government to pass laws banning the cutting down of trees excessively so we can preserve wildlife.

We can also further encourage the government to pass regulations to ensure factories and other industries to not pollute the...
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