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Topics: Pollution, Oxygen, Natural environment Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: February 16, 2011
Importance of Environmental Conservation

Human beings use resources provided by nature.  Scientific advances have enabled human beings to harness these resources of nature for their well being.  For example, human beings use water and coal to produce electricity which in turn helps us to provide heat and light for our homes. 

In the recent past, human beings have been blatantly polluting the environment.  Current trends also indicate that human beings are consuming resources without giving time for nature to replenish them.  This is what is creating problems.   Water is an important natural resource.  Less than 2 percent of the water on our planet is fresh water.  Most of this fresh water is being polluted.  Nearly 900 million people do not have access to water that is free from industrial waste and disease causing germs.  People have to walk miles every day to fetch drinking water.  We should remember these facts when we let the water flowfrom the tap when we brush our teeth or when we shave or when we stand under the shower just for pleasure.  Water is becoming scarce.  Individuals and the governments all over the world should work in conserving this valuable resource.  We should seriously consider harvesting rain water.  We should plug all those leaks in our homes because 8% of all home water is wasted through leaks.  

Clean drinking water.  I hope and pray that it will always be available in abundance. Ozone layer protects us from harmful radiation emitting from the sun.  These ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer in human beings.  They also reduce immunity in human beings and animals and cause considerable damage to plant life.  Plankton in the ocean will be reduced due to these dangerous rays.  Chlorofluorocarbons are depleting ozone layer.  These are used extensively in various industries.  These should be replaced before further damage is caused.   Trees should be allowed to grow.  They help in reducing air temperature, remove pollutants from...
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