Environment: Energy Development and Environmental Problems

Topics: Nuclear power, Energy development, Global warming Pages: 32 (11588 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Criteria: CAUSE
| Rich nations| Developing nations | Industries (MNCs, TNCs)| Cause| Historically, rich nations are primary contributors to global warming due to past industrial activity.Per capita consumption patterns are highest in the developed world. | Currently, some of the developing nations who are the larger contributors to global warming.In the future, it is the current rapidly developing nations that will be the primary contributors to global warming. | --While it may appear that some of the developing nations are greater contributors to carbon emissions today, much of such emissions are from industrial activity from companies owned by rich nations. --Physical location is thus not as important as national ownership.| Ability| It is the rich nations who possess most of the technological know-how and financial means to deal with environmental catastrophe and to research possible alternative energy solutions. It is also the rich nations who are able to most help the developing nations when it comes to coping with the consequences of global warming. | It is the developing nations who hold the key to solving environmental problems because they make up most of the world’s population and control most of the world’s resources. This means that they have the potential ability to help address environmental issues. | | Self-interest| Rich nations are not spared from the ill-effects of global warming. Moreover, they have significant interests in business development in the developing world. | Developing nations have an obvious stake in resolving environmental issues because they suffer the brunt of global warming. | | While developed nations should bear more responsibility, developing nations should also play their part in solving the environmental problems. Assuming rich nations have (1) caused environmental problems, (2) the ability and (3) are self-interest, they should bear more responsibility to solve the environmental problems. Although they have a moral obligation, it would be unfair for them to bear full responsibility. This is because developing nations are increasingly (1) causing environmental problems, (2) gaining the ability and (3) are self-interested to make amends. Ultimately for the environmental problems to be solved, this would require the commitment and cooperation of both nations. Yet, developing nations are increasingly (1) causing environmental problems, (2) gaining the ability and (3) are self-interested to make amends. The Concept of Possibility

Is it possible to protect the environment when many countries require increasing amounts of energy to progress? Generic:
possible (realistic, difficult, long term probability, short term probability) – requires discussion of impediments (acknowledging condition and trade-off: increasing amounts of energy consumption have an impact on the environment, human will and determination, human ingenuity, international cooperation) Topical:

protect the environment (conservation, mitigating consequences of global warming, reforestation, alternative energy, etc), countries that require increasing amounts of energy to progress (undeveloped, developing, developed) Assumptions

The increasing amount of energy that is required to progress has a damaging effect on the environment. In order to protect the environment, countries need to cut back on the amount of energy use. Why is it possible but extremely difficult?

Possible| Obstacle|
The use of alternative energy sources has already been proven to be economically viable. (i.e., increasing energy use need not be harmful to the environment) | Dependency of many countries on fossil fuels that are highly polluting to fuel economic growth| As the consequences of global warming become more severe, governments around the world will be under pressure to work together and seek solutions to protect the environment while at the same time ensure progress for their people. Furthermore, there...
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