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Motor vehicle manufacturers are having a tough time. Industry revenue is forecast to contract by an annualized 9.4% over the five years through 2012-13 to reach $10.7 billion. Motor vehicle manufacturers’ woes started when consumers began switching to smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Consumers made the switch due to environmental concerns and skyrocketing petrol prices. This proved to be an issue for domestic manufacturers, particularly for Holden and Ford, as their core product range consists of large, powerful, fuel- inefficient vehicles. Truck manufacturers also noticed the shift towards cleaner trucks, but their troubles lie more in the slowdown of truck-freight demand than in environmental factors. 汽车制造商正在艰难的时间。行业收入预计将合同按年率计算9.4%通过2012 - 13五年将达到107亿美元。汽车制造商的困境开始当消费者开始转向更小、更省油的汽车。消费者使开关由于环境原因和飞涨的汽油价格。这被证明是一个问题对国内制造商,尤其是对霍尔顿和福特,作为其核心的产品范围包括大,功能强大,燃料低效的车辆。卡车制造商也注意到转向更清洁的卡车,但他们的麻烦说更多的谎言在卡车货运需求放缓比环境因素 As domestic manufacturers continued to produce cars that consumers did not want, car buyers turned to imported vehicles. As such, import penetration rose in the past five years, with Toyota’s imported cars leading the pack. To make matters worse, the Australian dollar increased in value, which led to cheaper imported cars. Faced with falling demand, domestic manufacturers struggled to maintain profitability over the past five years. In March 2008, Mitsubishi gave up entirely and exited the market after years of trying to prop up production and efficiency. Car production is expected to improve in 2012-13, as domestic manufacturers shift focus to smaller and fuel-efficient vehicles. Pent-up demand will also support a recovery in production. As such, industry revenue is expected to grow 7.7% in 2012-13. However, domestic manufactures will continue to face strong import competition. Domestic manufacturers’ shift to fuel- efficient vehicles will help the industry remain competitive. 随着国内制造商继续生产汽车,消费者不希望,汽车购买者转向进口汽车。因此,进口渗透玫瑰在过去的五年中,丰田进口车的领头羊。更糟糕的是,澳元升值,导致进口汽车便宜。面对需求下降,国内制造商努力维持盈利能力在过去的五年。2008年3月,三菱放弃完全和退出市场经过多年的努力支撑生产和效率。汽车产量预计将提高2012 - 13年,随着国内制造商的重点转到小,节能汽车。被压抑的需求也将支持生产复苏。因此,行业的收入预计将增长7.7%,在2012 - 13。然而,国内生产将继续面临强大的进口竞争。穹顶 The next five years are expected to be challenging for domestic motor vehicle manufacturers. Industry revenue is forecast to decline at an annualised 1.4% over the five years through 2017-18 to reach $10 billion. While domestic demand is expected to improve, imports are expected to satisfy a greater proportion of domestic demand. To remain competitive, domestic manufacturers will invest in greener cars. Government help will aid companies in restructuring their operations. 未来五年预计将为国内汽车制造商的挑战。行业收入预计将以1.4%的年率下降在五年内通过2017 - 18达到100亿美元。而国内需求有望改善,预计进口来满足更大比例的国内需求。为了保持竞争力,国内制造商将投资于环保汽车。政府帮助将帮助企业重组他们的操作。 Page15

In January 2011, the government scrapped the green car innovation fund, which was a setback for all three domestic manufacturers. However, car makers will continue to expand their small-car offering. 2011年1月,政府取消了绿色汽车创新基金,这是一个挫折。所有三个国内制造商。然而,汽车制造商将继续扩大他们的小型车提供。 Medium

Medium-size cars include cars running on engines of up to 12 cylinders, but with a capacity of more than 1.9 litres. The large cars segment includes bigger cars that run on engines with a minimum of six cylinders. In the medium-size car segment, domestically manufactured cars account for less than 30% of sales, and this segment is mainly dominated by Toyota’s four-cylinder Camry (excluding the hybrid Camry). 中型汽车包括汽车的引擎上运行多达12个气缸,但容量超过1.9升。大型汽车段包括更大的汽车,发动机运行在最小的六缸。在中型车市场,国内生产的车占不到销售额的30%,这部分主要是由丰田的四缸凯美瑞(不含混合凯美瑞)。 The medium-size segment gained some ground over the past five years, mainly due to Toyota’s foresight in offering a smaller Camry. Medium-size car production is expected to perform well over the next five years as consumers continue to shift to smaller cars. SUV, luxury and other the Holden Statesman in 2010. This occurred in the face of rising import competition. The segment is now negligible and is dominated by the Holden...
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