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The term Environment means surroundings. It is considered as a composite term for the conditions in which organisms live. It consists of air, water, food, sunlight which are the basic needs of all living beings and plant life to carry on their life function. It is defined as the sum of all social, economical, biological, physical or chemical factors which constitutes the surroundings of man, who is both the creator and the moulder of his environment.

The environment consists of two factors, biotic and abiotic factors. Example for biotic factors are all living beings. And example for abiotic factors include air, water, sunlight etc.,
Biotic and abiotic factors depend each other in the environment. The factors affecting environment are temperature, light, water, soil and gases present in atmosphere.
Due to urbanization and industrialization our environment lead to contamination, which we call POLLUTION. Then what is meant by Pollution?
Pollution means change in the physical, chemical or biological aspects of environment which makes it harmful to human and other living organisms.
Pollutions is of five main types depending on the part of environment which is being polluted. Namely, 1. Air pollution
2. Sound pollution
3. Water pollution
4. Soil pollution
5. Radioactive pollution.
Air pollution is caused to the toxic gases liberated to the atmosphere by industries, chemical factories, oil refineries, vehicles, etc., Burning of plastics and rubber also causes air pollution.

Sound pollution is caused due to the burning of crackers, automobile industries, mines etc.,
Water pollution is caused to the decomposition of vegetables, animal and weathered products are brought into main water resources.
Soil pollution is caused by natural and synthetic materials that adversely affect the physical , chemical and biological properties of the soil and thereby affect its productivity.
These are all the causes...
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