Topics: Pollution, Environmentalism, Acid rain Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Environmental problems
The twenty first century is a century of the scientific and technological progress. The achievements of the mankind in mechanization and automation of industrial processes, in chemical industry and conquering outer space, in the creation of atomic power stations and ships are amazing. But at the same time, this progress gave birth to a very serious problem – the problem of environment. Ecology and the contamination of environment, is concerned with climate, over-population in certain areas, deaths of plant and animals, chemical contamination of seas, lakes and rivers as well as atomic experiments and dumping of atomic waste from power stations. Floods, unexpected draughts, and the greenhouse effect are the next reasons. Environmental problems are of a great concern nowadays. More and more scientists warn about the threat of a global ecological catastrophe as a result of mans economic activity. Medics note with alarm the growing number of diseases caused by air and water pollution. Ecological problems are also very acute in Arkhangelsk region and in our city. The ecological situation in the region is influenced by a powerful industrial military complex, which includes the defense enterprises in Severodvinsk, cosmodrome in Plesetsk, nuclear test site in Novaya Zemlya. Out of 20 cosmodromes in the world one of them is in Plesetsk. Citys population are also worried about the Northern Dvina. Sawmills and pulp and paper plants contaminate water. As a result the ecological balance in the river upsets. Transport is a major source of environmental pollution. Every car exhausts tons of CO2 into the air. Another source of public concern is disappearance of forests. Their disappearance upsets the oxygen balance. Among other acute ecological problems are: pollution of the worlds ocean, radioactivity, noise and other types of pollution, destruction of ozon layer, deserts advance, green-house effect, acid rains, etc. They are result of mens careless...
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