Enviro Tech Merger

Topics: Management, Sales, Strategic planning Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: September 3, 2012
InterClean–Enviro Tech Merger Paper
January 31st 2011

The InterClean–EnviroTech Merger will create opportunity for existing staff members but requires a certain level on determination for all staff members while the organization goes through the integration. The companies’ strategic goal is to offer turn key solutions that also include training and development for clients.. The InterClean team currently exceeds goals when selling and demonstrating product however with the acquisition of EnviroTech the representative will now be expected to not only be knowledgeable about cleaning products and how well they work but be able to quote regulatory laws, become well versed environmental safety, while keeping up with a whole new sales volume. It appears the InterClean staff and EnviroTech staff’s skills do not parallel. The ethical thing to do is provide each staff member the tools to learn about the products, services, and solutions we plan to offer. The organization will implement new goals based on the volume and product knowledge and behaviors exhibited. In an effort to right size the organizations senior management will inform the staff of its new direction simultaneously at a town hall meeting. Conversely, right sizing is proactive. Right sizing literally starts with a blank sheet of paper and builds the organization and processes around the business reality of the current situation. ("Right sizing vs.," 2009) Management will have meetings with HRM to discuss the new strategy and to provide management with a refresher course on performance management. Due to the vast volume it has been forecasted that the InterClean staff will not have the skill to keep up with the volume and knowledge that is required for the newly classified positions. Each employee will be provided with training and development opportunities. HRM will also forecast with senior leadership to develop a number of anticipatory new...
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