Enviornmental Science vs the Lorax

Topics: Human, The Lorax, Plant Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: April 29, 2012
How far that the earth been desecrated? An animated film The Lorax shows a clear picture of what the world could soon become, if the human race does not take a step back and find a way to fix what we have created before it is too late. There are many similarities between the film and what happens now in our everyday life. The film Lorax is a comical film that tells a story of a man who ventures out into the forest and begins to cut down forest to produce a garment. As the garment became more popular and sells increase he finds that he needs to cut more trees to produce the garment. The man originally promises the Lorax that he would never cut down the trees, but puts his promise in the back of his mind and eventually cuts down all the trees in the forest: all the while saying just one more tree. This is a reflection to what is happening now; we cut down a few trees and keep saying just one more tree. Before it is all said and done the trees are all gone. Soon after the forest had been destroyed, the popularity of the garment had dwindled down to nothing and the man went out of business. With a reflection in to reality, this can be closely related to how fast we build houses for the growing population of humans, and now there are so many houses sitting empty now because people cannot afford them, and are being foreclosed on. Later in the movie the community rebuilds and closes off the deforested area with a wall. They rebuild the community without the presence of plants, or trees which are outlawed. The mayor of the community is the villain in the movie because he outlaws trees and plants because he is in the business of selling air, and marketing the “quality of it”. The thought of selling oxygen it just appalling but, happens every day companies like Prax Air sells oxygen to its patients everyday who have respiratory problems. Within the community, there is a single boy (with the help of his grandmother) who is on a quest to find out what trees are and...
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