Enviornmental Science Ilab 1

Topics: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide Pages: 4 (924 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Environmental Science
Human Impact on Earth's Sustainable Cycles
By: Robert Faison
Nicole Diaz
Maria Fonseca

Exercise 1
Part 1
How does a class being conducted online instead of on campus increase or decrease the classes' contribution to the carbon cycle during the term? Conducting online classes not only is time efficient but also prevents students to pollute earth. Being on campus would ask student for transportation. How will the students come from home to campus? Universities are never on walking distances therefor having a personal car or using transits such as buses or taxis is the only way to get to school. Universities hold thousands of students which mean if each student carried a personal car or used the transit that would be a lot of gas being pumped leaving the atmosphere filled with gases. Another reason why online classes are better for earth is because you won’t need to cut down trees or habitats for a school to be built. Not much water will be used if not on campus (bathrooms) not much electricity (lights, vending machines, other utensils and tools)

Part 2
What did you learn about you and your family's impact on the environment? After taking the footprint quiz my result was 5.13 for people to live the way that I do. I learned from this quiz that there are a lot of things that could be done on my end to save the earth. Some examples would consist of using cleaner transport (walking, bike riding, or public transportation). Adding energy saving features to the home could be another way to help by incorporating fluorescent bulbs. The thought of recycling hits me more now and finding ways to become greener.

Exercise 2

The phosphorus cycle is representative of the cycles of all of the biologically important mineral nutrients -- those elements which have their origin in rock and soil minerals in the lithosphere (surface of the earth). Like the carbon cycle, the phosphorus cycle is...
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