Env/420 Ecology and Wildlife Risk Evaluation Analysis

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Human and Ecological Risk Assessment

Ecology and Wildlife Risk Evaluation Analysis


This analysis of case studies from Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the case study to predict the effects of pesticides on aquatic systems and the waterfowl that uses them. Comparing the two processes of these case studies, along with analysis of the assessments. Describing the case study on the effects of pesticides in aquatic ecosystem, the risk assessment correlated to observed field studies and evaluate the importance of this type of correlation in general for all risk assessment efforts. Breaking down the ecological and social values in the assessments. Try to establish a value for the components in each case and how the risk assessment was determined.

The process of defining ecological value in Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) from section 19.5 took an approach to take a structured process to break down the value of the different species that are located at LANL. This was done to ensure that all relevant valued resources was used to come up with the endpoints, and provide the proper documentation to form a structured that was based on the resources. This process known as the general assessment endpoints (GAE) helped eliminate data that was not needed and helped provide the means of having data that was needed to follow through with the assessment, along with the values for each potential ecosystem that is based on potential exposure to the environmental stressors.

The comparison of the two assessments take a different approach as the endpoints are staggering in the LANL case as the amount of species possess many possibilities to establish the relevant value of the endpoints that are needed to complete the assessment. By utilizing just the values that the stakeholders suggested in case study Los Alamos National Laboratory, the assessors focused on the immediate values on certain species the all as a hole eliminated the possibility of the lesser values in the case study. The aquatic workgroups began their efforts by discussing the basic problem addressed in a pesticide risk assessment and then began defining the sources of uncertainty for assessing effects and exposure. This technique of probabilistic assessment has helped in the reanalysis of the case study of pesticides on aquatic systems. Allowing assessors to look closer at the issues at hand relating to the organisms.

The case from chapter 22 is based on a case study on how pesticides affect the impact on ecology. This assessment took a term of probabilistic assessment, and broke down the probability of evaluating the potential of direct effects on the duck population. The time frame that the pesticides are used to reduce grasshopper population is around the same time that the ducks are breeding, rear young and lay eggs. This is the concern for the use of pesticides in these pothole regions across America and Canada. This case study provides a reanalysis of the wildlife in the pothole regions. The use of probabilistic methods is entered into the process to characterize variability’s and the uncertainties of the effects on aquatic macro invertebrates from the pesticides that are released to control agricultural pest control. The assessment shows in the data that the results of the analysis are a way to relate the uncertainties of mortality in the ecosystem. Along with the damage that is done with the food source for the ducks.

The pesticides case study applied a different risk assessment framework and hypothesizes to improve the final analysis process to cover all the grounds and bring attention the uncertainties of the damage that is being inflicted onto the water fowl and ducklings that are in the region during the time of treatments. The exposure levels are at a high during the treatment process. Thus...
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