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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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Running Head: Environmental Fundamentals Paper

Environmental Fundamentals Paper

University of Phoenix

Principles of Environmental Science

January 25, 2012

What is environmental science? Environmental science is the methodical, scientific study of the ecosystem in addition to our part in it (Cunningham, Cunningham, & Saigo, 2003). The goals environmental science is to obtain sustainable solutions to environmental problem, which are going on in the world today (Berg & Hager, 2009). Throughout this paper how I define environmental science, how does the relationship between science and technology affect environmental problems, the importance of environmental sustainability, how human values affect sustainability, and how environmental hazards affect human health will be discussed and explained. My Definition of Environmental Science

In doing extensive research on environmental science, I came to conclusion of my definition of environmental science. Environmental science is an area of science that studies the environment and the effects the environment can have on its organism because of different environmental conditions (“Environmental Science”). Environmental science involves various aspects of biological and physical sciences such as geology, biology, chemistry, geography, physical, sociology, economics, natural resource management, cultural anthropology, agriculture, engineering, law, politics, and ethics (Berg & Hager, 2009). Science and Technology Affect Environmental Problems

The relationship between science and technology affect environmental problems and solutions in today's society in that they have good and bad affects. Science and technology is the key in solving environmental problems and help provide long-term environmental sustainability systems (Berg & Hager, 2009). The progressions of science and technology have shown us how we are affecting the environment and how to eradicate these affects. For example science and...
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