Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

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  • Published : December 27, 2012
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Entrepreneurial forces are relatively strong in this country, as the lack of jobs and a rise in poverty leave few other options for the Nigerian people. Although difficult due to a lack of resources, there are non-profit organizations such as the Fate Foundation in Nigeria that are dedicated to promote entrepreneurship. Apart from the information about Nigeria that is so widespread and often negative, there appears to be a recognition of the critical role and place of technology in the development and advancement of the nation. In the past few years, there have been the startups of internet cafes, new Internet Service Providers, computers in some schools, and connectivity hubs that provide access to information at high speeds. The Nigerian government has created and adopted policies promoting the use of technology in education. The Nigerian Economic Policy 1999-2003, is a comprehensive compendium of President Obasanjo’s policies and guiding principles for the nation. The policy states: “Government will provide affordable quality education for all Nigerians, the Universal Basic Education and mass Adult Literacy programs will be pursued in earnest” and in particular, “Government will create incentives to expand access to information and communications technology which will facilitate leap-froging in order to short-circuit the longer span of development.” The policy even recommends partnerships with national and international agencies including the United Nations Transfer of Knowledge through Expatriate Nationals program or TOKTEN as it is commonly known. However, an important distinction between developed and developing nations often lies in the wide disparity between policy pronouncements and policy implementation. Often, signs of this disparity are found in the extent that policies are clear and measurable and that application is consistent. Often developing nations adopt excellent policies and guidelines that could, if well...
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