Entrepreneurship Case Netflix

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“Entrepreneurship Case Netflix”
Tabrika Jones
Hollie Fletcher

[“Entrepreneurship Case Netflix”]
Exchange is people giving up something to receive something they would rather have. The exchange process between Netflix and its customers are simple. According to Cengage Learning customers pay a monthly fee depending on the plan they chooses. The customers are able to receive 1 to 3 DVDs of their choice in the mail. After viewing the DVD the customer mails back the DVD to Netflix in the supplied packaging. When the titles are scanned in at one of the distribution warehouses, the customer is simultaneously sent the next selections on their favorite list (Cengage Learning, 2009). I personally think Netflix is subscribed to marketing management philosophy of marketing orientation. I say this because they focus on what the customers wants; they distinguish themselves in the marketplace by cost, convenience, and service. They listen to what their customers want. They provide superior customer value. They do not have an aggressive sales force, the customer decides to purchase the product. They understand the competition; Wal- Mart couldn’t match their value. Netflix is looking to the future by adding high DVE rentals. Relationship marketing is a strategy that focuses on keeping and improving relationships with current customers. However, Netflix approach to relationship marketing in several ways such as: allowing consumers to choose from variety of subscription, over the internet; easy to use, Netflix offers a recommendation list, fast turnaround service, and etc. I have been exposed to Netflix advertising. It had a positive effect on me. Although I never use it I plan on using it in the future. The sale Netflix tried during the holidays in my opinion was a great sale. I’m sure that Netflix made more money than ever and new customers. “Netflix ready for Primetime.”

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