Entrepreneurship Assignment

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  • Published : July 12, 2012
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rshipEntrepreneurship (BM019-3-3)

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this assignment, students should be able to :

i. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurial management.

ii. Develop a capacity for informed critical understanding of environmental conditions and the ability to analyze current trends.

iii. Demonstrate entrepreneurial activities and competence building.

iv. Demonstrate an understanding of the strategy process.

Assignment Specifications

According to Michael J. Silverstein and Kate Sayre, ‘as a market women represent a bigger opportunity than China and India combined’ The Female Economy, Harvard Business Review.

Taking the essence from the paper, create a business idea that serves the women market. The business need not be specifically feminine, ie. Women products, cosmetics, but general products/services that is also used by women. Then develop a business plan detailing your ideas.

Assessment Method

The following assessment scheme will be adopted in order to evaluate the elements above:

* Business Idea (15%)
This criterion evaluates the overall uniqueness of the idea, degree of challenge and attractiveness, value proposition to the potential market and innovation level.
* Proposal Strength (15%)
Marks will be awarded for the quality of the plan as it should be convincing to the reader. This is done by ensuring that proper explanations are given that are supported by factual research and thorough application of concepts. Critical and analytical thinking is expected with overall maturity in presentation of the plan. Clear discussion using own ideas and words.

* Application of Business Concepts (10%)
On this ground students will be assessed on their overall business knowledge and ability to utilize business information and concepts to add credibility to the business plan.

* Strategic Development (20%)
This criterion measures the rationale of the strategies...
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