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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Q1: List three personality traits, which are crucial for successful entrepreneur. Discuss them and provide argumentation for your thinking. 1. In my humble opinion, for being a successful entrepreneur you should have, without any doubts, at least a basic knowledge of the economic world; without that you can’t run a business, an enterprise or any kind of economic project. Second personal trait that an entrepreneur should have is a really strong personality, good ideas and an open mind, to be able to see everything in many different ways. Last but not least, I want to mention are romantic relationships; if an entrepreneur has some kind of romantic relationship, in my humble opinion he could not be able, totally, to run a good enterprise without undermining his/her relationship. In this last case a good entrepreneur should be free from personal commitment, at first, at least, because his/her work, or his/her relationship, could be compromised. Q2: Inc. Magazine claims, “Entrepreneurship is more mundane than it’s sometimes portrayed … you don’t need to be a person of mythical proportions to be very, very successful in building a company.” Do you agree? Explain. 2. I don’t agree with the sentence above; I think that a temporary entrepreneur profile might be something like following traits: smart enough, open minded, clever, and a good “talker”, someone who can easily speak to crowds. I would like to add a last trait that many people think is not important, and it’s the aesthetics; a good looking person may be more successful than someone else, equal traits for both. Nowadays who you appear counts more than who you really are, in many situations, but eventually who you really are will always come out, and that’s when, with good skills and everything settled, an entrepreneur becomes a good entrepreneur. Q3: Are you interested in launching a small business? If so, when? What kind of business? Descrive ti. What can you do to ensure its success? 3. Since I am a...
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